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25 Jan, 2017

Authorities Carry out Raids in Sitra, Arrest Dozens of Citizens

Security forces carried out a wide raid campaign in Sitra that led to arresting at least dozens of citizens, according to information published on social media outlets. Read...

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13 Jan, 2017

Authorities in Bahrain arbitrarily arrest a man with learning difficulties amid allegations of torture

Since 13 December 2016, Kumail Ahmed Hamida, who suffers from learning difficulties, has been in police custody, after reportedly falling victim to arbitrary arrest and torture....

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5 Jan, 2017

Bahrain’s New Year of Oppression

The Bahraini authorities are starting 2017 with more oppression and practising human rights violations against the people, as indicated by cases documented by the Bahrain Center...

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Left: Sayed Alawi Hussain, Right: Sayed Fadhel Radhi
19 Dec, 2016

Bahrain: Ongoing Incommunicado Detention of Two Detainees in Absence of Known Official Charges

Two men have been detained incommunicado in Bahrain for months. For nearly three months, since his arrest, Sayed Fadhel Abbas Radhi has been detained without access to family or...

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6 Dec, 2016

Please, Theresa May, save my husband from death in Bahrain

My husband, Mohammed Ramadan, is due to be executed in Bahrain any day now. Our three young children are distraught. We want Theresa May, the British prime minister, to call...

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29 Nov, 2016

35 Days Following his Kidnapping: Ombudsman Says it Met Sayed Alawi, Claims He is Suspended Pending Investigation over “Terrorist” Case

The Ombudsman said that it looked into the complaint submitted by the wife of kidnapped Sayed Alawi, claiming that "it followed the professional procedural steps in this complaint...

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28 Nov, 2016

Sayed Alawi Forcibly Disappeared for Over a Month with Complicity of Government Human Rights Bodies

As of 27 November 2016, Sayed Alawi Hussain Alawi has been forcibly disappeared for over a month following his arrest at the hands of Bahraini security forces with absolutely no...

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18 Nov, 2016

Critic of UK Royals’ Visit Faces Charges

Bahraini authorities have charged a prominent political activist with “inciting hatred of the political system” after he criticized Bahrain’s government and the November 8 to 11,...

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15 Nov, 2016

Photos: Hundreds Demand to Unveil Fate of Detainee Held since 21 Days

Hundreds of protestors in Diraz demanded on Monday (November 14, 2016) the security authorities to unveil the fate of detainee Sayed Alawi Sayed Hussein. The Bahraini...

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26 Oct, 2016

New Minors’ Bill, “Political Coverup” of Child Arrests and Deaths in Bahrain

The Bahraini Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa commenced talks on the new bill for minors entitled, "Reformative Justice for Children...

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