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Front Line is concerned following reports that human rights defenders, Mr Ali Hassan Salman and Mr Jaafar Kadhim Ebrahim, were arbitrarily arrested on 4 February 2009. Both human rights defenders have worked for the Committee of Activists and Prisoners of Conscience since December 2007 and have helped to organise peaceful marches and protests for the rights of detainees. During an Amnesty International visit to Bahrain in 2008, Ali Hassan Salman and Jafaar Kadhim Ebrahim coordinated meetings between families of detainees and Amnesty International. Further Information On 4 February 2009, at approximately 2.45 a.m., the houses of both Ali Hassan Salman and Jaafar Kadhim Ebrahim were raided by security forces. Ali Hassan Salman was arrested and beaten in front of his family during the raid, causing his mother to faint. His glasses were also broken. Jaafar Kadhim Ebrahim, who lives in the same area, was arrested within 15 minutes. No arrest warrant was shown and no reasons were given for either of the arrests. Since their arrests, Ali Hassan Salman and Jafaar Kadhim Ebrahim have not been allowed to communicate with their families and lawyers.

Front Line believes that Ali Hassan Salman and Jafaar Kadhim Ebrahim have been arrested because of their legitimate and peaceful activities in the defence of human rights, in particular their work to coordinate meetings between Amnesty Intenational and families of detainees. Front Line is concerned for the physical and psychological integrity of Ali Hassan Salman and Jafaar Kadhim Ebrahim while in detention.


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