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CARAM Asia is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It is an open network of 34 NGOs and CBOs working in some 17 countries. The CARAM Asia network is involved in action research, advocacy, coalition building and capacity building with the aim of creating an enabling environment to empower migrants and their communities to reduce all vulnerabilities including HIV and enhance their health rights

CARAM Asia Concludes A Successful 3rd General Assembly and elect its Board of Directors

Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility (CARAM Asia) is proud to announce that it has held a very successful 3rd General Assembly which convened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 27th-28th October. This meeting represented an increase in the solidarity and cooperation amongst our members to further address the employment rights and living standards of migrant workers within the Asian region.

The regional network was initially established in 1997 as an approach to address the social issues of migration as direct response to these growing global phenomena. Since its inception the network has evolved to adapt to the emerging issues while staying true to its vision that migrant workers deserve the same human rights and protection mechanisms accomodated to nationals.

Over the last 12 years CARAM Asia has gone from strength to strength and has actively campaigned throughout the region to address the increased violations against migrant workers. This has been demonstrated by growing membership of the network who each seeks to actively to address special interventions for migrant populations at all stages of migration. Furthermore, CARAM Asia’s voice continues to be heard at both the regional and international levels.

The members at the General Assembly debated intensely its priorities, emerging issues and challenges faced over the last two years. As a result of this process, CARAM Asia has evolved its new programmatic areas for the coming future and these are the following focus of work;

1. Migrants Rights (Promotion and Protection)

2. Migrants, Health & HIV

3. Migration, Globalisation & Development

Furthermore, CARAM Asia is also proud to announce its seven new Board of Directors, who were elected by the participating members into the role of leadership.

1. Nabeel Rajab (Chairperson, Bahrain Center for Human Rights)

2. Bridget Lew (Treasurer, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) Singapore

3. Brahm Press (Raks Thai Foundation, Thailand)

4. Irene Fernandez (Tenaganita, Malaysia)

5. Zia Awan (Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid, Pakistan)

6. Manju Gurung (Pourakhi, Nepal)

7. Carmelita Nuqui (Development Action Women’s Network) Philippine

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that was established back in 2002. Despite an order by the authorities in November 2004 to close it, the BCHR is still functioning after gaining a wide internal and external support for its struggle to promote human rights in Bahrain. At its core, the group seeks to encourage and support individuals and groups to be proactive in the protection of their own and others' rights; and to struggle to promote democracy and human rights in accordance with international norms.

Raks Thai Foundation was established in 1997 as a civil society group to strengthen the capacity of the poor abd disadvabntaged communities to analyse the root causes and problems and determine suitable solutions and participate in development activities. Since 2003, the organisation has become the first member of CARE from a developing country seeking to analyse and relief and development programs in Thailand.

Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economic (H.O.M.E): Since 2004, HOME has sought to provide direct assistance to migrant workers, victims of human trafficking and forced labour within Singapore. As part of its vision, HOME is committed to the principle that migration of people benefits the global society with a focus of the effects of migration within the context of Singapore.

Tenaganita: This organization was established in 1991 by Irene Fernandez to undertake research, advocacy and action to prevent, solve and address grave abuses that happen to migrants and refugees. At its core, the organization campaigns for the recognition of mmigrant rights and in doing so, Tenaganita continues to promote a culture where human rights are embraced, valued and protected.

Pourakhi: This NGO works to ensure the rights of Nepalese women migrant workers in the entire phase of foreign employment through the processes of information, counseling, advocacy and empowerment. Furthermore it seeks to act as a pressure group for the implementation of existing domestic laws and the ratification and implementation of international instruments concerned with the protection and promotion of the rights of women migrant workers.

Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid: LHRLA was formed to meet the ever-growing demands of those who cannot afford the expenses of litigation. Since its inception, the LHRLA has sought to provide direct legal aid in Pakistan by approaching law enforcement agencies, the D.I.G. police, the Home Secretary, the provincial governor and other highly placed officials with reports, petitions and statistics.

Development Action Women’s Network: The Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) is a non-government development organisation created in 1996 to assist Filipino women migrants in Japan and their Japanese-Filipino children (JFC) in the promotion and protection of their human rights and welfare. Through its work, DAWN hopes to create a society where women and men share equal opportunities for a just and humane living, creating empowered and self-reliant families in communities where each one cares for one another in the spirit of peace based on justice; and where migration is an option that is respected and protected.