28 July 2010

In act of the social responsibility that the Bahrain Center for Human Rights bears towards fighting human rights violations, and as a means of encouraging the activists, human rights defenders and website owners to monitor the violations of human rights and document them through photos and publish them by using the latest technologies, the BCHR had granted Mrs Rosie Tavares from the Migrant Workers Protection Society, for taking several photos that show the violations which the members of the migrant workers are facing, and especially the domestic workers. The prize is a modern style Canon Camera.

On this occasion, the media officer at the BCHR stated, "these continuous programs held by the BCHR is one of the means to promote and spread the culture of human rights by monitoring the violations by using photos and modern technologies for that", he added, "we aim at stopping the continuous violations and to deliver a clear message to the violators of human rights, that they are not safe from being exposed and that they should immediately put an end to these violations". The media committee in the BCHR calls upon all photographers and media workers to work on tracking and monitoring further violations of human rights on all levels or the targeted groups from these violations and issues such as torture, discrimination and violations of the rights of women or the migrant workers or any other subject, and there are many more prizes awaiting its winners."