3 Sep 2011

The Bahrain ministry of interior has offered 10,000 Bahraini Dinars to anyone with information on the death of 14 year old Ali AlShaikh. They announced that the death was not the doing of the riot police. This picture twitpic.com/6e7awy shows the similarity between the tear gas canister Ali was hit with and the wound on his neck which caused his death according to the Cause of Death yfrog.com/nxa6cj. Sameera Rajab, a member of the Shoura council, said on BBC discussion show that a serial killer was on the loose and was responsible for these deaths. At least four people have given their testimonies to the police on the involvement of the riot police in chasing and hunting Ali AlShaikh and shooting him from a very close range. Father of Ali Almoamen is one of these witnesses and he also gave his testimony on BBC (Arabic) in addition to registering it at the police station.

In this video you can see how the riot police attack protesters at close range, another video of someone being slapped in the car then shot at. And this video is from 03 Sep night showing riot police shooting randomly at homes

Rabab Mohammed is a teacher suffering from Epilepsy, and was arrested a week ago. Her family and lawyer have not had access to her, nor do they know the reason for the arrest. At least other 2 women remains in jail with sentences ranging between 6-18 months in cases related to the Feb14 protests.