Mahdi Abu Deeb President of Bahrain teacher Association

19 Sep 2011

Arrest and detention: violence and torture

On March 20th, the house of the President of BTA, Mahdi Abu Deeb, was raided by security forces in the middle of the night. They did not find him home but his wife and children were interrogated for two hours.

On April 6th, security forces raided his uncle’s house, he was thrown from the second floor then taken by the security forces, held incommunicado for more than a month with no access to family or lawyer. He was in solitary confinement for the whole period until his first military court hearing on 7 June and he was subjected to severe torture and ill-treatment.

Accusations and dissolving the teachers society

On April 7th, the Ministry of Social Development dissolved the Bahrain Teachers’ Association, falsely accusing the union of “issuing statements and speeches inciting teachers and students” and “calling for a strike at schools, disrupting educational establishments, in addition to manipulation school students”. The statement also blamed BTS President, Mahdi Abu Deeb (49 years), of having “delivered speeches haranguing and instigated protestors and inciting them against the political regime, flouting the real voluntary and lofty goals of the association” for protecting both teachers and students by calling for strike after violence committed by regime’s forces and thugs escalated against schools and students.

Hunger Strike and Military Trial: Deteriorating health

On Sunday, 11 September, Mahdi Abu Deeb started a hunger strike demanding his release and for all false charges to be dropped. Today, his health is deteriorating not only for not eating but also for not taking his medicine which puts him at a great risk, especially that he suffers from health disease, diabetes and blood pressure. Mr. Mahdi is awaiting a trial at military court on Sunday, 25 September.

We appeal to you to demand the immediate release of Mr. Mahdi Abu Deeb’s to save his life and put an end to his unfair arrest.

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