image via @kathey9 POMEDWIRE- Dec 7, 2011

Bahraini security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at opposition supporters as they gathered in villages around Manama to mark Ashoura and attempted to march on Pearl Square. Mohammed al-Maskati, president of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, told Al Jazeera once the protesters got close to the site of the former roundabout, security forces fired upon the crowds: ”There are a lot of injuries. [People are] trying to transfer them to the closest houses to treat them, there are nurses who are volunteers.” In the wake of the protests, additional security forces have been deployed around the Bahrain International Airport, some major malls and supermarkets. Additionally, Zahra Saleh, who was seriously hurt during a recent protest, died of her injuries, according to the ministry of health. The ministry’s statement said the 27-year-old woman sustained head injuries during “rioting” last month, and the ministry confirmed the death via Twitter as well.

Meanwhile, conservative lawmaker Ali Zayed called for setting up a separate college for girls within the University of Bahrain and attributed the move to demands from a large segment of the society. “I am aware that such a proposal had been submitted in the past,” the lawmaker said. “However, there is a segment in the society which insists on it as they do not feel at ease with mixed education. The state has to respect their feelings,” he added.