12 Dec 2011

Infant Sajida Faisal died in her home on Sunday 11 Dec 2011 as a result of inhalation of tear gas fired by riot police.

Her father told BCHR the village has been tear gassed for three days (Wed to Fri) and it was very heavy on Friday night, the whole village was covered in tear gas. His other daughter Sarah (3 years old) also suffocated from tear gas and her mother couldn't do anythin but put pepsi on her face.

The baby Sajida turned blue. Sajida's father says "we took the baby to the hospital, and I did not tell them that it was because of tear gas". When the reporter asked the father "how sure are you that your baby died because of the tear gas?" The dad answered "not less than 95% sure".

Sajida's father said that doctor told him the baby suffered from lack of oxygen, even if she hadn't died she would be mentally challenged.

He also assured us that his daughter was born naturally, not suffering from any disease.

An official statement by the health ministry claimed that the cause of death is bacterial meningitis.

The story was also reported by alwasatnews.com and ft.com