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Events of Dec 18, 2011

(AP) —Police in Bahrain on Sunday fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators chanting anti-government slogans after the funeral of an elderly man who witnesses say died from tear gas inhalation.

The unrest Sunday is the fourth straight day of clashes between opposition supporters and security forces along a main highway west of the Bahraini capital Manama. At least 40 people have been killed since February, when Bahrain's Shiite majority started campaigning for more rights from Sunni rulers in the Gulf kingdom that is the home of the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

Amir al-Mouali said his 73-year-old neighbor, Abdulali Ali Ahmed, was taken to a hospital Saturday morning after struggling to breath during a night of heavy clashes near his home along the Budaiya highway, which connects a string of Shiite villages west of Manama. Al-Mouali said Ahmed died Saturday evening.

In a statement Sunday, Bahrain's Interior Ministry said Ahmed died of natural causes.

The demonstrations along the strategic highway has been going since Thursday. The Budaiya highway leads to a junction that is roughly half a kilometer (a quarter of a mile) south of Manama's Pearl Square, the former focus of Bahrain's Shiite uprisings.

Photos and videos of Attack on funeral and protest today

Video showing the first moments of the attack on protest

Throwing tear-gas near Qadam roundabout [one end of the road]

Tear gas thrown on protesters near the country mall [the other end of the road]

Protesters carrying a suffocated young man

Video showing the beating of a protester by security officers and others in civilian clothes during arrest also read this blog post about it

Photo: a protestors got injured in his mouth

Smashing citizins’ cars in Mugsha village

Woman injured & fell to the ground after being shot by TearGas canister.

Pic of protester who was injured in the head today afternoon in Muqsha Village

A protester directly hit in the leg with a tear gas canister

Stitches on the head of an injured protester

Update to 17 Dec 2011

Video - police attempt to run-over protester b4 arresting in Maamer

and another run over attempt of prayers at location of a previous demolished mosque near Kawarah

Stitches on man's head after being attacked yesterday, one of the "roof beating" victims - details below.

Video of the injured and suffocated ppl inside country mall after the attack on protest.

A whole village under tear gas clouds -Malkiya


Bloody National Day of Bahrain, Man dies as Budaiya Highway attacked with Tear gas for the third day

Attacks of Dec 17 2011

People gathered for noon pray on land where a mosque (AlKuwaikibat) was demolished in March between Jidali and Kawarah. As the pray started police started throwing tear gas on them causing several injuries. Photos and

A video showing the attack

In the afternoon protestors and mourners massed along the Budaiya highway after the funeral of Ali AlQassab, a demonstrator who was run over and killed as he fled security forces chasing protesters near the capital, Manama on Thursday 15 Dec. MOI delayed submitting his body until today.

On ground witnesses confirmed protest was extremely peaceful, Protestors kept roads open as thousands of them sat and stood on side-walk. Many women and children were there.

Photos and

Police start attack without warning, shot tear gas and stun grenades on the crowds and chased them in the streets and inside the villages.

Video shows first moment of the attack with tear gas, running after the protestors, beating women and damaging the coffee shop in the process.

and another video showing the protests before and after getting attacked

A photo of a tear gas cloud on the street

Suffocation caused by tear gas inhalation today and

suffocated women on the floor

Girl suffering a fracture in finger after getting beaten

VIDEO: Aiding a suffocated protester at Country Mall

Woman carried by youth after fainting

Tear gas cloud on Karranah

Injured with bird pellets in his head

In addition to the attack on Budaiya Street, other attacks reported in Sitra and shotgun attacks in AlDair

Shotgun injury in the head

Man injured with shotgun receiving medical aid at a house

Shotgun bullets that was fired today at protesters in AlDair

Photo from the tear gas attack on Sitra

AbdAli Ali AlMuwali, 73 years old, citizen of one of the villages on the Budaiya Street, died today,due to excessive use of teargas by bahrain security forces. His health deteriorated after inhalation of tear gas yesterday. As a reminder, this is the third day that villages on the Budaiya Street being heavily tear gassed.

Women beaten in the road by a police man and

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Attacks of 16 Dec 2011 - The bloody National Day of Bahrain

Bahrain police have fired tear gas and sound grenades to disperse on anti-government protesters on Firday, who have gathered for the funeral of Ali Ahmed AlQassab, a demonstrator who was run over and killed as he fled security forces chasing protesters near the capital, Manama on Thursday 15 Dec.

Several people were injured because of excessive force. Heavy use of tear-gas reported and several cars damaged plus many injuries. Tear gas cloud in AbuSaiba Photo1 and Photo2

Tear gas shot on the mourners

Riot Police chasing protestors to the village

Mourners in Abusaiba, men, women and children swamped with tear gas

First moments of today's attack on mourners at graveyard – video
Injuries of the Attack

Head injury photo

Injured in the head and bleeding

Hit in the mouth and lips bleeding [graphic]

eye injury

Shotgun injury in the chest

old man rescued after targeting his house in Aali with tear gas

The scene at a house in Shakhura after being stormed by police
Weapons used

Security forces attack the mourners by 'condor' tear gas

A new type of tear gas thrown on people, canister has no information on it

A pile of tear gas canisters thrown on village of Abusaiba only
Roof beating

A number of videos were posted that showed a group of least 13 riot officers on the roof of a building in Shakhura beating a group of youth. The most clear video showing the security forces is here: the beaten protestors have been left behind covered with blood and some still tied after confiscating their wallets and phones, seen in this video:

Links and comments on around seven different videos that document this incident can be found on

Several people have been eyewitness and documented the attack on injuries. Here is a translation of the story of one of the beaten protestors (@alihhujair): [translation by @alhojairy]

“I was one of those besieged in the building in Shakura, got beaten violently & they robbed my 2 phones, wallet & camera. we were around 40 or more in the building, one of us saw police beating some women so he screamed; then police saw us. The mrcenaries came, there was no way to escape, we moved to rooftop, an officer came along with naturalized mercenaries. They targeted shot guns at us, besieged us, enforced us to lie down facing the ground & fatally beat everyone with batons. Those who were slim, were screaming of pain; the more they screamed the more they were beaten until started bleeding. Some were kicked directly in faces & others were beaten by arms; I was asked to hand in my stuff so I gave it all. I was moved to other side of the rooftop & meanwhile got beaten twice on my head with baton, I felt I had brain concussion. Someone was next to me, his dress was covered with blood from his face; then we were all piled and beaten. At that stage; I personally didn't get beaten as the guys were on top of me got the beating. Suddenly, they stopped beating as an officer said: stop! The helicopter is over and can see.”

He said he is the one who is being beaten at around 00:30 of this video and the one being untied at the beginning of this video . He said the whole thing lasted for about 20 minutes.

Another protestor [@Troy__69 ] who was also a victim on this attack said in his testimony [translated by @AmyBH2 ] :

“The protesters ran away to the top of the building & join others, moments later riot police broke into the building. Riot police cut the satellite's wire & tied our hands to the back, one of them was dancing over our heads. We were beaten severely, especially on our heads till we were cover with blood. One of them asked them to stop beating us as the helicopter was filming us, they robbed us all. Guys were beaten brutally with sticks till one of them asked for a knife. None of us was able to open their eyes or moved, we were kicked, we heard lots of screams. Riot police forced us to lay down in a row, one of them was walking over our bodies. They asked us, who is married, when one of us said yes: they said to him the king pay you 1500 BD monthly what do you want more. He was beaten by them, till we heard his screams all over the place, we were verbally abused. We couldn’t stand up, the first look to the place was shocking as the blood was all over the place.”

Injured protestors were taken to houses to get medical care as they feared getting arrested if headed to a hospital. Witnesses have shared photos of injuries: (some photos are graphic)

This man was beaten with batons on his head and face & one of the police put his foot on his nose until fracture and another photo

This young man was hit in his face until his eye disappeared (The doctors were working hard)

This man's head was bleeding profusely! The doctors were stitching wounds (at home)

This man was hit on his head. & cut off part of his fingers with a knife

Man’s skull was broken, His hands & feet were mutilated with knives

This young man was beaten on his head with batons. (Doctors stitching his wounds)

Injured with a ‎sharp weapon

According to eyewitnesses (@iFattema, HasanAljaber) there were about 19 injured. They were beaten with batons, knives, iron rods after throwing them on the ground & tying their hands.
MOI Response

Ministry of Interior said in a statement: “Legal Affairs at MOI suspended some police personnel to investigate attack case against citizens in Shakhura yesterday (Friday)”

Shaikh Mohamed AlMadhi was summoned this morning for opening his house in Shakhura to injured people to receive medical aid yesterday. He was questioned if he has identid=fied the officer responsible for the incident, and if Dr Ali AlEkri has participated in providing medical aid to the injured protestors. He was then released.

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Attacks of Dec 15 2011

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Expression continue to be targeted by Bahraini regime during UN commission visit Occupy Budaiya street is an initiative by protesters in Bahrain, have been announced and organized for through social media (twitter and facebook), to stage a sit-in on sidewalks of one of Bahrain’s street. Organizers and participants emphasized on the peacefulness of the event. (#occupybudaiyaST) Like all peaceful protests in Bahrain, OccupyBudaya was prevented and violently attacked by riot police. Teargas, rubber bullets and sound grenade were used to suppress the protesters. Many injuries have been reported, majority of cases are due to suffocation by excessive use of teargas.

Teargas thrown at protesters Photo1 Photo2

Injuries in chest and head reported.

Cases of suffocation and fainting of customers (not-protesters) inside the shopping mall close to the area were reported due to throwing tear gas canisters very close to the open coffee shop area as well as inside the mall parking.

Habib, has down syndrome was beaten by police


There are many reports of arrests among protesters. Human Rights Activists Zainab Al Khawaja, Known on twitter as @angryarabiya, blogger and daughter of prominent human rights activist, Abdulhadi Al Khawaja, is one of the protesters arrested today. She was in one of the roundabouts when riot police, roughly dragged her to one of their cars. Masooma AlSayed was also arrested from area near the country mall. According to an eyewitness, she was beaten at time of arrest.

Attacks on Journalists

Reporters at the scene Mazen Mahdi (EPA/DPA) and Hamad Moahmed (Reuters) were attacked and their cars were damaged: both were clearly identified as press.

Adam Ellick and Lauren Bohn (NY Times) were directly shot at with teargas outside of Country Mall. Another 15 customers of the coffee shop at the mall were also teargassed.

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