Yousif Ahmed Muwali

14 Jan 2012

Yesterday the ministry of Interior announced "finding" the body of 24 year old Yousif Ahmed Muwali in Amwaj. Yousif (photo) had gone missing five days ago. When his mother went to the police station to file a missing persons report 3 days ago she was told by officer Mohammed Fayez that Yousif was at the CID and that he was fine, and according to the mother he ripped the paper she wanted to file. This was at the Samaheej police station.

The MOI put the cause of death as drowned, although pro gov forums have been broadcasting a picture they say is of Yousif.

The father and a lawyer were at the morgue all evening yesterday, which was surrounded by the riot police according to the lawyer, but were not allowed in to see the body. They were told to wait until the officer in charge is finished eating dinner to get a decision on whether they'll be allowed in. The lawyer has also said that MOI decided to start an autopsy on the body of Yousif without the consent of the family. At the end of the evening they were told that they should come back at 6am to see that body as they had "orders from above" to not allow them into the morgue.

When the family were finally able to see the body this morning, the uncle reports via the lawyer Hanan AlAradi that there are clear marks of torture on the victims head and neck. There are also cigarette burns on his arms and bruises on different parts of the body. The family has refused to sign the papers until they are allowed to see the autopsy report, which until now has not been given to them.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights continues to get complaints that detainees are being subjected to torture inside detention centers.

Other updates:

Salman Sharif (photo) from Karbabad was chased by riot police into a building, and minutes later eye witnesses saw him falling from the third floor. When he hit the ground he was no longer moving, riot police carried him and until now his condition is unknown.

Young man from Dar Kulaib was kidnapped and severely beaten then dumped in another area by the security forces:

Young man who was kidnapped from AlMugsha and beaten, sustaining a head injury:

Child who was kidnapped from Mugaba and beaten:

Direct shot to the face:

Protester hit with a tear gas canister:

Hassan Sabah Salman was kidnapped yesterday, taken to a farm and severely beaten. Instead of investigating the case, the ministry of interior placed him under arrest. His family are concerned about his wellbeing.

Esraa Saeed Salman, 9 years old, fell unconscious due to teargas inhalation and had to be moved to the emergency room for treatment

Security forces attacked a female religious gathering in Barbar, where the woman where threatened and their mobile phones were stolen.

Manama protest lead by Nabeel Rajab attacked again this Thursday: The same officer who MOI claimed carried Nabeel after finding him hurt last week, told Nabeel this Thursday "you are all animals".

Picture of riot police reportedly joining a pro government rally which called for the lynching of young men who had been charged with killing police officers:!/sameera_bh/sta.. The four young men had all made allegations of torture.

15 year old Sayed Alawi Sayed Samad was arrested last night from AlGhuraifa:

Two year old Noura was sprayed in the face with a chemical spray by police after they raided her family's home looking for protesters:

Security forces break property and rip pictures of those killed during uprising:

Fatima AbuDrees, sacked school principal was not reinstated, but rather given a job at a library in Madinat Isa.

Brian Dooley of Human Rights First has been denied a request to visit Bahrain:

Richard Sollom of Physician's for Human Rights was denied entry into Bahrain:

Stephanie Lamorre, a French journalist and documentary filmmaker, was held at the airport for 10 hours and questioned before being allowed into the country.

Former member of Bahrain parliament, Mohammed Khalid, publicly called for the killing of protesters on Twitter (Arabic):