Left: torture marks including burns and cuts on arm of Yousif Mowali. Right: Yaseen AlAsfoor at ICU after getting exposed to tear gas.

21 Jan 2012

Yesterday, 20 Jan 2012 families reported the death of two more in Bahrain due to teargas suffocation.

Yaseen Jassim AlAsfoor, 14 year old boy, was taken to the hospital after he was subjected to excessive teargas twitpic.com/89gd7o. His house was shot with three tear gas canisters at the time. He suffers from acute asthma and he was moved to the ICU when his lungs collapsed. Yaseen was in the hospital for 3 weeks, passing away last night. yfrog.com/h3phkzsj

26 year old Mohamed Khamis AlKhunaizi vomited yesterday after being subjected to excessive teargas, after which he went to sleep. He was found dead by his family a few hours later. twitpic.com/89khm6

Family of Yousif Muwali, 24 year old who MOI claimed had drowned (More details), have released a picture of Yousif's body, as they have finally received the body today (graphic): Photo1, Photo2, Photo3 Family say marks on body prove young Yousif was tortured to death.

Activist Zainab AlKhawaja tried to step in when a 45 year old man who was not participating in the protests in Manama was being beaten in front of his wife and children by the security forces. As a response, she was slapped in the face, spat on and beaten with batons on her elbows and knees. The man was taken away by the security forces. One of the security forces, as is the norm during any attack, was video recording the entire incident.

30 employees from the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) were sacked as part of the campaign carried out by the government during the uprising. Only 12 of those sacked were called for reinstatement, but with new contracts as new employees. They were also told to drop the case against the BIC. Those who did return to work at the BIC were upset to find that Bashara Abdou Bashara, who reportedly tortured some of them, was at the BIC building.

BBC: Sacked Bahrain F1 staff stay out bbc.co.uk/news/world-mi..

Head injury: photo

Child says: "I didn't do anything. I love the King" as he is being arrested along with another child. The other child is slapped, and woman relative is told that "child is not hers anymore as long as he is out on the streets": youtube.com/watch?v=XoD8eK2RTvo

Child Hassan AlTattan was arrested last night during the Manama protest.

Sayed Mohsen Saeed and Ali and Ahmed Jassim were arrested yesterday https://twitter.com/#!/Dooora..

16 yo Abdulla AbdulNabi AlSabba was arrested yesterday, family fear ill treatment

Security forces shoot at women standing a few feet away from them youtube.com/watch?v=I8TIsknSXnU

Maitham AlSalman, Taymoor Karimi, Masood Jahrumi, Abdulnabi and Mohammed AlMousawi, and Hussain Ismail were sentenced two days ago to four months imprisonment and a 500 Bahraini Dinar fine. They have already served six months in prison.