09 March 2012

As reported to BCHR, a one month and a half infant (Yahya Yousif Ahmed) died on 05 March 2012 after suffering from side effects of toxic gas during pregnancy.

The father told BCHR that his wife was subjected to suffocation several times due to excessive tear gas during her pregnancy. Their house was attacked with tear gas at least 8 times. The doctors reported the cause of death to be abdominal inflammation and increased blood acids.

An elderly woman Sakeena Marhoon (in her 70s) died 06 March 2012, as reported to BCHR, after suffering from side effects of repeated inhalation of toxic gases thrown by security forces inside her house several times in Feb and March 2012. She was hospitalized a few weeks earlier due to suffocation after tear gas was shot inside her house.

A protestor from Al Dair got severely injured 06 March 2012 due to tear gas shot at his head.

Ahmed Oun (15 years old) was arrested weeks ago while marching to Lulu. On 05 March 2012, police raided his house in search for him claiming that he ran away. There are concerns on his life and safety.

The house of Deputy General Secretary of the National Fraternity Association (Yousif Qudrat) got attacked on night of 06 March 2012 by Molotov cocktails, leaving with this vicious attack obvious effects on the walls and courtyard of the house.

BCHR's President Nabeel Rajab was summoned to appear in front of the public prosecution Thrusday 08 March, 03:00 pm, for the charge of calling for "unauthorized rallies".

A primary school for girls suspends 20 students under the pretext of «chanting political slogans», a number of parents said that they were surprised by notification from the school to suspend their daughters out of school for one week, without prior notice.

A number of workers who are laid off because of the events of last year renewed their sit-in protest on Tuesday morning (6 March / March 2012) in front of the Ministry of Labour to speed in moving the files sent back to their work places.

Doctors Without Borders organization declared closing its mission in Bahrain, after the Bahraini authorities prevented the entry of two of the organization's delegation to Bahrain last week, and warned that the organization does not currently have any staff in Bahrain.

The organization said it will continue contacting the Bahraini authorities, and hopes to return to work in Bahrain soon, according to WHO, one of its members will follow the situation in Bahrain from the WHO office in Dubai.

The organization has indicated that it examined and treated since February until August 2011 about 200 patients and the patients were afraid to get medical care from health facilities for fear of arrest, either for their involvement in the protests or their solidarity with the demonstrators.

The trial of the medical staff was postponed to 15 March to display a CD by the prosecution and the defense and to hear defense witnesses and inquire about the complaints of torture.

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