20 March 2012

Jaffar Jassem Radhi, 41 years old, died 17 March 2012 after severe deterioration of his health as a result of excessive tear gas that was shot directly at his house in the previous night 16 March 2012. His brother stated to BCHR that the deceased was healthy and not suffering from any health issues, until his house was targeted by tear gas which led to suffocation of the victim followed by his death. Family members of martyr Sabri Mahfoodh Yousif, 27 years old from Shahrakan, confirmed to BCHR his death on 19 March 2012 as a result of toxic gas asphyxiation. Sabri was subjected to torture during period of the State of National Safety(Emergency law period) and had also suffered from an illness after being hit by a grenade in his chest.

Thousands participated in the mourning rallies of the two men, unsurprisingly, mourners were attacked by security forces using tear gas leading to suffocation and a number of injuries.

Security forces oppressed a number of protests 19 March 2012 taking place in many areas in Bahrain. Cases of injuries have been reported, including 6 cases of shot gun injuries, one of them is in the eye.

March 15, 2012: Large numbers of protestors demonstrated in many areas in Bahrain, security forces fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets at protesters, who were marking the first anniversary of the deployment of a Saudi-led military force in Bahrain, leading to a number of serious injuries among protestors, who were treated at homes by volunteers because they are unable to seek treatment in neither public nor private hospitals for the fear of interrogation and arrest. (see photos)

A historical Mosque of "The Great Companion of the Prophet, Sasah Bin Souhan" located in the village of Askar, was subjected to sabotage and cracking, on 17 March 2012. Windows and doors of the mosque were broken, the shrine destroyed, written prayers and copies of the Quran were thrown on the ground.

Citizens from different areas in Bahrain complained from damaging of their cars either by burning or breaking as a result of shooting of tear gas canisters by security forces.

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