Photo: Adnan Al-Mansi with his son


Update: 26th November 2012

Adnan Al-Mansi reportedly suffered from a seizure yesterday which caused him to fall unconscious. He was moved to AlSalmaniya hospital by security in civilian clothing from the CID. Al-Mansi was handcuffed throughout the entire process and while being moved from and to prison. He was given sedatives and returned to prison, and was told as in the past that an appointment will be set up with a specialist. Al-Mansi has yet to see a specialist. Al-Mansi stated that he cannot see from his right eye and suffers from weakness in the right side of his body, as well as a severe headache.

The BCHR reiterates its concern for Al-Mansi's life and well-being, and stresses on the urgency of giving Al-Mansi adequate medical treatment for his condition. 


07 November 2012

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) is gravely concerned by reports from the attorney and the brother of Bahraini detainee Adnan Al-Mansi, 22. According to them, Al-Mansi was subjected to severe physical torture, including sexual assaults in the form of anal assault. Following his arrest on 30th May 2012, Al-Mansi has also been denied adequate medical treatment.

According to Attorney Manar Makki and Al-Mansi’s brother, Yousif Al-Mansi, Adnan Al-Mansi was arrested while he was at the Department of Immigration & Passports where he was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department. Al-Mansi was then subjected to physical and psychological torture by Bahraini security forces officers according to his family. Al-Mansi was forced to stand in the sun for hours, then denied access to restrooms, and also subjected to water depravation.
Adnan’s attorney reported that his client was “sexually assaulted by MOI officials which has caused him a severe anal hemorrhage.” Additionally, Al-Mansi was severely beaten on the head which reportedly caused “temporary paralysis and a permanent headache.” Attorney Makki subsequently sent several requests demanding his release, and for her client to be given adequate medical treatment. All her requests to the Bahraini government officials were denied-- including the request for a detailed medical report on his condition. As Al-Mansi's health deteriorated further, he fell unconscious. He was taken for treatment in Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), which was later discontinued based on the prison physician’s recommendation.
As per Al-Mansi, the prison hospital physician violated his Hippocratic oath by seeking to extricate information from him in order to pass on to security forces. He was later given a date for another hospital follow up visit by the end of this year before being returned to his detention cell. Due to the severe anal bleeding resulting from sexual assaults in detention, physicians consulted by Al-Mansi’s family fear that his injuries will most likely cause a tumor. They also fear that his head injuries might cause permanent paralysis. Psychologically, Al-Mansi's state is serious as he is severely depressed. The family sent a request for him to be seen by a psychiatrist but to no avail.
Al-Mansi is accused by Bahrain’s MOI of “causing fire and making a bomb.” The MOI further alleges Al-Mansi confessed to these charges. Any statements attributed to him by the MOI cannot be verifiably confirmed given the extensively-documented record of the use of torture on Bahraini political detainees at the hand of security forces members.
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights holds the Bahraini authorities responsible for the life of Adnan Al-Mansi and his physical and psychological well-being.
The BCHR calls on the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, The European Union and all close allies and international institutions to put pressure on Bahraini authorities to:
1. Immediately and unconditionally release Adnan Al-Mansi, who we view as a prisoner of conscience detained solely on the basis of his political opinion.
2. Provide Adnan Al-Mansi with proper and impartial medical treatment
3. Immediately drop all charges against Adnan Al-Mansi since confessions were extricated under torture.
4. To investigate the allegations of torture and assault made by Adnan Al-Mansi during his imprisonment in Bahrain and prosecute officials for any wrongdoings to the full extent of the law.
5. Hold Bahrain accountable for violating international human rights legislation it is party to.