Bahrain Center for Human Rights issued the yearly final report entitled “Bahrain: repression of words and deprivation of rights”, in both, English and Arabic languages. The report is published to highlight the status of human rights in Bahrain through documentation and statistics of all violations forms (arbitrary arrests and judgments and suppression of all forms of peaceful expression).

In a chronological order, the four parts of the report shed light on what happens in Bahrain including persecution, discrimination, unfair power practices with citizens (249 nationality revocations), and the suppression of peaceful demonstrations. The report shows how authority tries to mute mouths through arbitrary arrests.

The report includes a graph in each part (three months) showing the number of arrests through methods: raids on houses, checkpoints, arrests from the street and others. That is in addition to a graph showing the number of peaceful demonstrations and suppressed one. And all the practices adopted by the authority against human rights practices from the disbanding of Al Wefaq Islamic Party to the activation of the political isolation law and harsh sentences amounting to a total of 6383 years imprisonment.

The report concluded with recommendations to the Government of Bahrain to:

- Signing and acceding to the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that aimed at abolishing the death penalty.

-Protecting the freedom of religion to all citizens in Bahrain.

- Urge the government of Bahrain to repeal the amendment to the Military Law and to restore the law to its previous case, which prohibits the prosecution of civilians in military courts.

- Provide basic guarantees for all civilians accused in military courts and re-trials in civil courts with the legal access of lawyers.

-Immediate and unconditional release of all journalists and prisoners of conscious that were arrested as a result expressing their opinion through media.

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