Press release

I, Moosa Abdali, declare the suspension of all kinds of collaboration with the Public Prosecutions Office (PPO), in regards to the case of my kidnapping and the physical and sexual assault that I was subjected to by the security forces on the dawn of Monday, November 28th, for the following reasons:

  • My lawyer Ali Al Jubail was denied entrance to the investigation sessions.
  • Despite the authorities’ public declaration in the newspapers that they were to permit access to independent observers, human rights activist Mr. Nabeel Rajab was denied access to the sessions.
  • Considering the way my case was initially handled by the PPO, through illusive announcements leading to disbelieve and non credibility, even before they officially took charge of my case, it was clear to me that they will never be truthful in revealing the reality which was entrusted to them.
  • A while ago, I was visited after midnight by an interrogation team where I was treated agressively. Moreover, an officer was waving his gun towards me while he was speaking to me, trying to send me a message in a threatening, provocative manner.
  • Interrogation was conducted in the PPO's building in an extremely tiring manner, it was more of an intimidation and scaring session than a helpful, cooperative hearing. My witnesses, my wife, and myself were dealt with as accused detainees. Once we were interrogated from 6:00pm until 4:30am of next morning! Furthermore, we were apprehended in such a way that we were unable to even go to toilet if they would not allow! The questions were directed to us and our witnesses as if we were criminals on trial, not just-cause-possessor victims and witnesses.
  • Prosecutors refrained from noting-down any testimonies associated with the alleged parties who threatened us prior to the incident. Prosecutors, also, refused to put-on-record any information linked to the real the motive behind the assault (which was clearly the activities of the "Unemployed Committee" that led me and my colleagues to threats and aggressions).

All the above clearly indicate that the PPO is neither a neutral body nor does it have any serious intentions about disclosing the truth of this case. They are just trying to bully us and divert the accusation fingers off the regime and the involved officials in the assault case which might end up being filed against "unknowns"! This could, as well, come in sync with the governments' use of supremacy to prevent the formation of an inquiry committee by the parliamentary chamber, and the prevention of attorney and jurists presence to observe the inquiry progress that the PPO would conduct. If they were really serious about their role, why had they not investigated previous assaults that were carried out against us 5 months ago by same officials, supported by evidence that was provided by their own affiliated "Legitimate Doctor"!!

As a result, having consulted my advocate attorney and jurists, I have decided to completely end my cooperation with the PPO on matters related to my case, and I call on the witnesses to discontinue their cooperation as well. I hereby, demand the formation of an independent and neutral inquiry committee, since high rank officials are already involved in this case and their inclusive influence within the PPO is obvious.

I shall appeal to international organizations, as well as the United Nations in order to press on the Bahraini authorities to disclose the truth, to inure the attainment of justice and to bring those responsible to justice.

Moosa AbdAli Ali Mohammed, December 13th, 2005